About Us


founded in 2017, always at the service of our customers

From our beginnings, we had an eagerness to always be fulfilling the demands of the clients.  After years, we know that they are our fundamental pillar.

As a young company but with entire experience, we managed to open a market in Spain and Canary Islands to put our grain of sand so that Canaries and Spanish society has the conscience that vegetable food should be a goal to avoid animal suffering in its entirety.

For this reason and onto this day, at Sun-Rose Invest we believe that by contributing our wide range of vegan products, we can achieve a more ethical future for animal life and sustainable with the environment, and we also add value by promoting healthy and meat substitute products, with high value in vegetable protein and without egg, dairy, gmo’s or saturated fats.

We are a family owned business dedicated to the distribution wholesale of vegan products, we serve to retailers (food stores, herbalists, cafes and bars) as well as Horeca sector (hotels, restaurants and catering) and supermarket chains, getting to contribute our novel products to all types of customers.