Distribution for plant-based foods in Spain

Sun-Rose Invest
Alimentación Vegana

We are the leading company in vegan products in Spain & Canary Islands, we are dedicated to the distribution of 100% vegetable food to all type of customers

100% Vegan

Without animal suffering

We have always offered a range of substitute foods to meat

We work with best vegan brands in Europe & International with the goal to offer the largest variety of vegan food, completely vegetables without any animal ingredient.

Discover our great variety of products

completely vegan


Try different types of burgers, from gourmet, spicy, quarter pounds, or chicken-style even the realistic one burgers of Verdino brand.


Traditional style, cocktail, barbecue, hot & spiced … among many others.


Wide variety where vegan tuna, breaded prawns, sashimi, fish-style fillets and goujons stand out, 100% plant-based.


We highlight the pizzas from Fry’s, Heura or Valsoia with authentic vegan cheese.

Vegan cheese

Imitations of mozzarella, edam, gouda, cheddar…  ideal to accompany pastas and pizzas.

Big vegan sausages

All type of vegetable substitutes in 500g or sliced formats.


Dressings & sauces

We have different types of chocolates and dressings, to follow different dishes or deserts, you have plenty of options available.


Ice Cream

Chocolate, caramel pecan, raspberry, vanilla, hazelnut… 500g formats and foodservice.


We provide our wide variety of vegan assortment to all types of businesses: supermarkets, food stores, herbalists, bars / restaurants, hotels, catering, etc.

We work with logistics that allow us to send your orders in less than 24/48 hours to any point of the Mainland and the Canary Islands, we can provide and supply every corner and also provide the Horeca sector.

We reach where you are.

- We only work with best brands -