100% Vegan Products

We have always been offering a range of meat substitute foods

We work with the best European and global brands in order to provide the widest variety of vegan products, totally vegetable, without any ingredients of animal origin.

no animal suffering

- We only work with the best brands -

Vegan product distributors

We are distributors of vegan products from the main and best brands in the plant-based food sector. With Sun-Rose Invest you can enjoy vegan, healthy, delicious food that is committed to animal welfare.

Forget about looking for certain products, contact us and we will provide you with those you are looking for for your store. In our catalog you can find all kinds of food: hamburgers, sausages, ice cream, cheese, sauces, condiments, and much more!

Our distribution service for vegan products reaches stores throughout the Peninsula and the Canary Islands. Our sale and distribution of vegan products is aimed at both retailers and the Horeca sector and supermarkets. Whatever your business, you can sell our products. In addition, we make sure to deliver the product to you in the best conditions, so that your customers can enjoy them as they deserve. They will want to repeat!

Our vegan brands stand out for being careful with raw materials and production processes and, of course, ethical with animal life and the environment. Only in this way can we build the trust you are looking for in the distributor of the products in your store.

If you are also looking to surprise, our team carries out an exhaustive follow-up of the vegan food sector, in order to send you the latest news and trends in 100% plant-based foods.